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   Pitt Research Resources

Funding and Financial Resources

Research Safety and Compliance

Office of Academic Career Development
Providing researchers with the resources and
support to achieve their full potential.
Office of Research
Research activities involving extramural sponsorship
Office of Research/Cost Accounting
Post award accounting and administration of sponsored programs
UMPC Clinical Trials Office
Facilitating the implementation of industry-
initiated and sponspored clinical trials.

UPMC Fiscal and Compliance
For clinical research studes involving
UPMC facilities, staff and/or patients.

General Research Support and Services

Medical Media Services, UPMC
Offering a variety of photographic, illustration,
and computer graphic services. (UPMC restricted web site)

Office of Clinical Research, Health Sciences
Promoting a collaborative environment that fosters
the translation of clinical research to the community.
Office of Investigator-Sponsored IND & IDE Support
Providing assistance to researchers involved in
investigator sponsored drug applications or device exemptions for acceptance by the FDA .
Office of Technology Management
Responsible for the protection, management and
commercialization of intellectual property.
Conflict of Interest Office
Oversight and management of potential COIs.
Environmental Health and Safety
Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment through education, consultation, inspections and formal training.
Human Stem Cell Research Oversight
Ensures that all regulations governing hES cell research is met
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Oversight and training related to research involving animals.
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Monitors and ensures compliance on all
activities that involve rDNA and gene therapy.
Institutional Review Board
Oversees all research activities involving human subjects in order to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects.
Radiation Safety Office
Assures the safety of individuals who use ionizing radiation both clinically and in research.
Western Psychiatric Institute and
Clinical (WPIC) Research Committee

Studies conducted by the Dept of Psychiatry and/or involve WPIC patients require review by the WPIC Research Committee.